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Strings Attached

All these mornings, you'd think I'd go straight
for the beads, but no, missed alarms, wrong shirts

lost keys, snatched kisses, "go safes", network news,
jiving dogs and then the post jostles in, till

I've run out of time to save any time
or contemplate peace without or within

so the Buddha is left with the breakfast crumbs
- I'll get to compassion later, OK?

Right. Put museli away cream face, replace rings
what's this? A pause for my fingers to braid,

fill the place where my prayer beads could be
if I sprint for the chance to save my day.

On my mat, with the string of my sandle wood
worlds holding my hands, I recall each one's

a singe of desire or a flare of insight
like the alternative futures within my grasp:

and forgetting to choose is still a choice,
in a time that is endlessly finite.

I rattle the beads and release their scent,
the spheres resettle, and I too am changed.

© Rebecca Irvine 2006. Photo: Michael Bilkau

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The aim of Faith Initiative Magazine is to open windows on the beliefs and practices of world religions, in the hope that this will foster understanding and reduce religiously motivated violence.


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